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I've always LOVED reading. I've read since I can remember. I think that I would read laundry detergent's labels if I didn't have book under my hand! LOL I love all gendres, some more than other, but a book is a book and therefore indispensable! :D My other love is travelling and scuba-diving, better if done together!

Body of Evidence: 2 (Evidence Series) - Rachel Grant WOW!!!
Usually the second book in a series is weaker than the first. NOT in this case!!! If possible it is even better!!!

Ms. Grant's writing style is fenomenal!!! I loved every page of this book! There's never a boring moment. Never a weak action. Never a contradiction! It's simply PERFECT!

Mara is a woman in big, big trouble and the worst thing is that she doesn't know why! who want to kill her? And why? She's struggling with everything that is happening to her and she deosn't know whome to believe. But she's strong and determined to find out!

Curt starts as strict and unflexible, but mellows as the story goes on. He's stuck with Mara and he deosn't want to believe her innocence, but with everything that happens to her he cannot deny that something is very wrong and that Mara could be an innocent.

Ohhhh.. I just LOVED this story and cannot wait to read the next installment!!!

Please, Ms. Grant, write quickly!!! :D
Concrete Evidence - Rachel  Grant What a wonderful, wonderful book!!!
I started reading it because i love RS and I was expecting a usual RS. But!!! Oh, was I wrong!!!
This book is fantastic!!!

I loved the story, the characters, the intrigue!!! E-V-E-R-I-T-H-I-N-G!!!

Erica was a real life woman, struggling with many real problems. She's tough, but in a real way - she's not a wonder-woman!

Lee is great too. He predents to be something he's not in a very realistic way - he makes mistakes everybody would make in his shoes!

I loved thier story together: the attraction, the sizzling chemistry!

Ohhhh... I don't want to spoil it for you, bau believe me: this book is soooooooo worth reading!!!
Unforgiven - Anne Calhoun Very good!
I must say that I enjoyed more Marissa. She wasn't afraid to acknowledge her feeling like Adam.
I understand and honor Adam's choice to take place of his friend, but he exaggerated! To me it seemed that he wanted to exchange his life for those of his friend and, in my opinion, that's a very wrong thing.
But in the book that was well explained and I didn't let this my opnion infuence me or make the book less enjoyable! :D
Catalyst - Dani Worth I don't usually read or like MMF menage, but this series is really good mix of hotness, tenderness, love and SF!

I enojoyed it and will continue to read this series! :D
Beauty Becomes You (Beauty, #4) - Skye Warren This is the conclusion of a wonderful love story!

I will surely miss Erin and Blake!

A strong rec: this series must be read in sequence and, even better, one book after the other! That way you'll get the maximum enjoyment! :D
Broken Beauty - Skye Warren ... and the story continues...

Here we have the difficulties with Erin's graduation that clashes with the necessity to keep secret their relationship.

Good as I was expecting! :D
Beneath the Beauty - Skye Warren I liked very much the previous book Beauty Touched the Beast and I loved reading what happened next in this one!

Sweet love story that follows right where BTtB ended.

I loved both the scared and wounded hero and the sweet, young and insecure heroine!
The Unwanted - Shiloh Walker I love Ms. Walker's writing style and I love her FBI Psychics series!

Obviously I loved this installment too! :D

I'm looking forward to reading more! :D
Surviving Raine - Shay Savage WOW!!!

This book reminded me about the film Blue Lagoon... Two people in survival mode falling in love!!! Ahhhh...

I tought the first part of the book will be boring: what could be interesting about two people on a raft?
Instead I loved this part! Really, really great!!!

The rest was wonderful too!

Both Raine and Seb were excellent characters!

Raine with her naivete and lovable nature; Seb with his fears and insecurities!

Raine with her polished speach and Seb with his dirty mouth!

I loved everything in this book and I cannot waith to read the sequel!
Forgotten Love: An Action-Packed Adventure Romance (Book One of the Forgotten Chronicles) - Kameron Scott It is really an action packed adventure!

It's rather short, but there's action on every single page.
There's a fight for life suspended over a dark void, in a frigid underground river, against carnivorous vines, gigant snake...

My complaint is that the attaction was too abrupt: it is not believable. Or better, his attraction is believable, but hers is not.
This could be due to the shortness... I don't know, but it still wasn't very weel done.

Anyhow, I'll be reading the next one hoping that it will be longer! *wink*
Stealing Fate (Unspun) - Berinn Rae,  Rachel Aukes Good novella!

I love greek myths and I greatly enjoyed this novella about Lachesis and Phobos.
The story has a twist and I found out that Phobos was a tad too headstrong, but I'm intrigued enough to try the other books in this series! :D
Assassin's Gambit - Amy Raby What an unexpected treat! :D

I loved this book!
It has fantasy, intrigue, romance and sizzling chamistry!

Vitala is deadly! She's been trained for years to kill the Emperor and it is inconceivable that she's falling for him!

Lucien is in a very difficult position: in an Empire where phisical strenght is highly valued he's one leg short - literally! But his mind is very, very good!

They're both dangerous in a very different ways and they're perfect for each other. Theri chemistry is strong and it is inevitable that they'll fall for each other!

Great world building and great love story!

I'm waiting anxiously to read the next installment in this series! :D
A Highlander Never Surrenders - Paula Quinn Who doesn't love a sword-wielding heroine? LOL

I do!

Claire is headstrong and convinced that she knows better than anyone! She thinks about herself as a warrior.

Graham is instantly attracted to Claire and he wants her and pursues her relentlessly until the Governor bethrotes her to his best friend!

They are perfect for each other and I enjoyed thier banter and fights!

The book is very enjoyable: full of intrigue, fighting, witty dialogue and stubborn (almost too much!) herione! :d
Star Crossed - Kele Moon O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? LOL

I loved, loved this book! It made me laugh and sigh at the same time!

The hero was the best! The heroine was great too!

Romeo and Juliet (or Jules, as she and everybody else prefer) are great together! They have banter, chamistry, witty dialogue!!!

Very recommended and much better than the first in the series! :D
Defying the Odds - Kele Moon Good book.
The best part was the hero: I loved him! A figher with a tender heart!
Captured Heart (Highland Hearts, #1) - Heather McCollum A solid highlander romance.

I liked Caden and Meg. They're endearing characters.
The romance was good and the action too.

The reason for 4 stars is that I had a feeling that I had already read this story somewhere... It was very similar to other highlander romance stories...

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