Sleep With the Lights On - Maggie Shayne I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

WOW!!! What a great book!

I loved, loved Rachel! She's such a great character. I loved her at the beginning, when she was blind, and I loved her after when she got her sight back!

She's incredible! Her joie de vivre is fantastic! One could think that she's bitter because she's so sarcastic, but I didn't felt it that way. I felt that her sarcasm was an expression of her will to live her life fully and completly.

She made me laugh with her inner musings and they were so to the point! Her capability to read persons was also great! Her interaction with her sister, with her assistant, with her friend I was real sorry when he died... :( and with Mason was fantastic! I was awed by her strenght and her spirit!

Mason was a great guy too. I completly understood his actions, even if they were not very ethical. But he was acting with good and very selfless intentions, so it was impossible for me to blame him. His love for his family was shing through and it was lovely to read.

The story was unusual and unusually written too. The flow was impeccable and every sentence was great!

There's almost no sex scenes but the sensual heat was there and it was delicious and sometimes funny too!

I would have loved if the reasons why his brother was killing were more deeply investigated and explained. I would have liked to know more about the theory behind them. But still what we find out are explanations enough to make the story credible taking into consideration that this is fiction! ... at least I hope it is! *wink*

I enjoyed very much the dog: Myrtle! I loved the relationship Rachel has with her. Just perfect and wonderful!

The whole book is a jewel and each page is a joy to read!