Close Remembrance (The Krinar Chronicles, #3) - Anna Zaires OK, so this was the best of the series!

Here we have Mia that stopped being too much TSTL! :D

I still have issue with this book: it's too perfect. I mean all the problems are solved in a too perfect way.

For example, the issue with Mia's parents and their "immortality" was obviously solved because Mia makes a nice speach to the elders...

Korum becomes almost reasonable...

But at least I found out (finally!) who's the villain K. *wink*

I don't think I'll be reading more about this universe. Or, better, I might read if the stories become more grown-up. And no, I don't mean the sex part as grown-up! There's enough sex here as it is! LOL
I mean more mature thinking MCs, more depth to the story as whole and less fairy-tale-like!