The Protected - Shiloh Walker I really, really love Ms. walker's writing style!
I love her characters, I love the action and I love the psychic aspect of this series.

But in the latest books the flow of the story is bacoming too much complicated.

At the beginning of this book I had problems following the story - who was doing what, who was good and who was bad guys, whose story we were following...

After a bit, the story was more clear, but still I would have preferred if it was more linear, more clear.

I had a big problem with Gus and his stubborness. I understood that he was heavily protective with Alex, but he acted stupid refusing Vaughnne's help because he didn't trust anyone! Even after it become clear to all, even to Alex, thus putting all in more danger!!!

I admired Vaughnne and her patience with Gus and his stupid actions. She was great!

I think that there's just too much angst in Ms. Walkers characters. It would be better if she put some lightening personality trait since every one of them is too angry, hurt, suffering, traumatized... A bit of that is OK, but too much is just too much!

But, if you like a lot of angst, action and some very interesting psychic abilities, this is an excellent series! :D