Getting Rowdy (Love Undercover, #3) - Lori Foster I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

I said in my review of Bare It All, I was soooo looking forward to reading bout Avery and Rowdy.
It could be that I was too anxious and expecting way too much...
I'll not say that this book is disappointing or bad because it is not! But I felt a bit let down. Let me explain...

Rowdy is Pepper's (she the heroine of the first book) brother. He's crazy protective with his sister and he's done some shady things during their life together in order to keep her safe. So I was expecting much more from him.

OK, he's blunt and coled-up, he's sexually uninhibited, he's thorny, and he wants Avery, who's now bartender in his bar, and he doesn't make it a secret.

Avery has things to hide. She's happy with her work and her defenses are crumbling very quickly and she cannot fight her desire for Rowdy. But she doesn't want for him to discover her secret.

So they succumb to their mutual desire. And that scene are hot!!! *fanning myslef*

There were several problems for me was...

Avery's secret, when it comes out, is... nothing special. I was expecting some secret in line with those of the first two books, but it was just: meh...

Also, I didn't get her fear that Rowdy will get hurt if he confronted her scumbag ex!!! Have you looked at Rowdy, honey??? She should have known from past experience what Rowdy was capable of! It was just not credible and it irked me because in the previous books there was no such things!

I was expecting Avery to be more... More wily, more secure of herself, as she was desribed in the previous book and also more confident about Rowdy. Instead, much time was spent on her fearing what will happend to Rowdy if she confesses, without considering that it would have been much better and much more interesting if she just said what was bothering her.

Rowdy reacted in a very unusually "tame" way to a threat to Avery. What a disappointment!

The whole story was anticlimatic. There was just not enough suspense and the reason for the threat was lame too and very simplicistic.

While reading I had the feeling that this is an in-between book - like the author has to write it just to give us, readers, Rowdy's story, but was uninspired about what that story should be, so she just took the first thing that came on her mind...

I couldn't rate it less than 4 stars thou. I enjoyed very much that all the previous MCs were present here! I love all of them! Especially Cash, even if he didn't pee on anyone here! LOL

I love the MC of all these books and I'm looking forward to reading Dash's story - given the premises we have here, he'll get involved with Margaret, Logan's and Reese's lieutenant, while chasing some DS video producers. This seems much exiting and adventuresome story than a stupid scumbag ex!

I'm also curious to know if Conner will get his book too! He sound so yummy! LOL