Perfect - Judith McNaught The title says it all: PERFECT!!!


I loved everything in this book: Julie, Zach, the story, the simplicity of the words used to tell it, the way it was written, the witty dialogue, the secondary characters, tehir stories, the immense love Julie and Zach had for each other... ALL OF IT!!!

The way Ms. McNaught writes is simply WOW!!! It just touches something in me and I simply melt!

Every part of this book is so interesting that I don't know where to start!
The part of Zach's life before meeting Julie with the descriptions of the movie world; the part of Julie's life when she's an illiterate and orphaned street urchin; the part of Julie's strife to help the less fortunate being them illiterate women or handicapped children; the kidnapping part, the falling in love part; Zach's usless fight to do the right thing for Julie; Julie's defence of Zach's innocence; the friendship between Zach and Matt...

There're so many beautiful things in this book that it is very difficult to choose the best or the more touching one!

It's rather long, but as I read I was wishing that it were even longer, just to be able to stay with everybody and keep reading and reading and reading!

This is a wonderful, wonderful book and every romance reader should read it.

It is even better if you read the previous book in the series, so you can get to know Matt and his story!