Wrecked - Shiloh Walker Friday I downloaded The Protected and wanted sooo bad to start it, but I was very, very busy at work and I could upload the book on my reader only two minutes before going home, so in a rush I opened my Shiloh Walker folder and bindly drag and dropped the book the last book there without looking at the title... So I ended with Wrecked on my reader.
I strated reading it without looking on the title (thinking that I was reading the Protected)!
I keep asking myself where was the suspense! LMAO

This book is NOT Romantic Suspense! It's JUST Romance! LOL

It's a cute story about friends-to-lovers. And I admit that I enjoyed it.

But there was this annoying bit about the heroine who didn't notice that her best friend is in love with her for... 17 years!!!!!

I thought it was a bit over-the-top!!!!

Other than that it was light and fun read!