Midnight's Master - Cynthia Eden Here we finally read about Niol, the apparently bad guy from the previous two books.

Ohhh, he's bad, but obviously he's not totally bad. *wink*

Holly is a reporter and she's investigating about the disappearance of her Other informants.
She knows that in order to find out something she need to go to the source of information: Niol.

Niol doesn't know what to do and think about Holly. He's powerfully attracted to her, but she's Human. On the other hand, she's not afraid of him, even when he's in a bad mood.

I loved the story. Holly is perfect for Niol and Niol is perfect for Holly especially when Holly discovers that she's not Human after all!!

The attraction between Niol and Holly is strong and there're some very hot scenes! :D

I'm sorry that there're no more books in this series, as I would have liked more information/answers to some questions that, in my opinion, have been left unanswered.