Midnight Sins - Cynthia Eden What can I say? I enjoy very, very much this series! :D

It's fun, it's witty, it's sexy! What there is not to like?! *wink*

Here we have a role reversal: Cara, the heroine, is the Other and Todd is the Human.

Cara is a succubus, a sex demon. But she's not happy at all with her nature. She need sexual energy to survive, but loathes meaningless sex with occasional men. She wants to be loved for her sould, not for her beauty or her sexual lure.

Todd is Colin's (the hero of Hotter after Midnight) partner detective. He has strong suspitions about Other's existance. But both colin and his Chief are keeping the truth from him.

Obviously, as soon as he meets Cara, he's attracted to her, but she's his main suspect from a series of murders.

As the story goes, Cara and Todd end together, Todd discoveres her nature, but at that point he doesn't care because he's fallen deeply in love with her.

A great story! Loved the way Cara is fighting for what she wants. Loved the way Todd wants to protect her and doesn't mind that she's a succubus.