Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Mmmm... can I have a Cam of my own? *wink*

What a delightful book! I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Cam and Amelia.

Amelia wants only to care about her "strange" family: her young sisters, her other sister, closer to her age, who's still slowly recovering from her illness and her brother who's wasting away and who wants to join his dead fiance. A heavy burden...

Cam, a half Rom forced by circumstances to live as Gadje. He's charming, sensual and burden by a "good luck curse"!

Cam wants Amelia since the start and comes to love her very quickly. In his personal style he realise that it's ot only attraction, but deep love. But he must convince Amelia that she's in love with him too, that she needs somebody to take care of her, who can help her manage her family.

This is deeply romantic story while, at the same time, a deeply sensual and sexual one too! Wonderful mix!