Hotter After Midnight - Cynthia Eden I thoroughly enjoyed this paranormal!

It has a distinctive "taste" of Ms. Eden's writing and I loved it!
It is interesting and easy to read and the story flows without problems. The world building was interesting too and as soon as I finished this one, I have to grab the next in the series! LOL

I loved Emily's definition as Monster Doctor - for me it was fun. I laughed at the beginning when she's psychoanalysing a vampire with blood phobia!!!
She's great and tries to have her life under control. Obviously this goes through the window as soon as she meets Colin. LMAO

Colin is a cop and he hides from everybody his shifter nature. Naturally when he meets Emily he's busted. He doesn't know what do do with Emily (besides having his way with her! LOL).

The story revolves around chatching a brutal series killer who's one of the "Others" or SB (supernatural beings). He's vishous, he's cunning and he's killing as a shifter.

The relationship between Emily and Colin is hot, hot, hot!!! And Colin is almost He-Man possessive, but Emily is a great match for his attitude! *wink*

Go and read it: it's fun and sometimes not so fun too, but always good! :D