Grave Danger - Rachel  Grant Since I loved (and that's a weak word!!!) the two books in the Evidence series, I couldn't miss this one!
And I was right! :D

The story is deliciously complicated! The attraction between Libby and Mark intense. The reasons for Mark distrust realistic.

I love how Ms. Grant manages to make every action true and every reaction exactly what anybody would have.

It's a real treat to read a book so complicated, but so real.

Libby is under so much pressure that is incredible how it is possible for her not to break. Nobody believes her. Every proof is against her. But she stubbornly fights to proof her innocence.

Mark is attracted to Libby, but he's hard-pressured to believe her when everything is against her. He fall for her, but still doesn't believe her completely. He's jealous and he acts upon this without tought and makes a mess.

I loved how both Libby and Mark have thier failures and their weak spots. They're so human, so able to err. They're completely believable!!!

Grat plot and great story!!!

Brava, Ms. Grant!!!
I will certainly real any kind of book you chose to write next!!! I'm sure it will be a bomb!!! :D