Body of Evidence: 2 (Evidence Series) - Rachel Grant WOW!!!
Usually the second book in a series is weaker than the first. NOT in this case!!! If possible it is even better!!!

Ms. Grant's writing style is fenomenal!!! I loved every page of this book! There's never a boring moment. Never a weak action. Never a contradiction! It's simply PERFECT!

Mara is a woman in big, big trouble and the worst thing is that she doesn't know why! who want to kill her? And why? She's struggling with everything that is happening to her and she deosn't know whome to believe. But she's strong and determined to find out!

Curt starts as strict and unflexible, but mellows as the story goes on. He's stuck with Mara and he deosn't want to believe her innocence, but with everything that happens to her he cannot deny that something is very wrong and that Mara could be an innocent.

Ohhhh.. I just LOVED this story and cannot wait to read the next installment!!!

Please, Ms. Grant, write quickly!!! :D