McCade's Way - Mara McBain I liked it. It's not fantastic, but I ejoyed it all the same! :D

A nice story where the hero is so afraid to get "burned" by love again that it becomes almost funny when he forbids her to speak to other men! OMG!!! Neanderthal!!!!

He wants to completely control the heroine and he gets that's idiotic and completly wrong, but he cannot help himself! Otherwise he's great! I liked him and his possessiveness - it was his defense mechanism. Obviously it didn't work! *wink*

The heroine is sometimes a doormat, but she's also very dear and stubborn. She's the perfect woman for our hero: she goads him, she challenges him, she respects and appreciate him and, more important, she loves him.

I would love to read what happens with the hero's brother - must be good! :D