Harvest of Gold - Tessa Afshar This is a sequel to Harvest of Rubies. The actions takes place exactly when Harvest of Rubies finishes.

So, Sarah and Darius now have a real marriage, but things are not perfect. Darius has trust issues and doesn not concede his love to Sarah - he's in deep denial! Sarah, on her part, has also her issues, and so the marriage has its problems.
This is as much a story of their marriage as it is a story about Nehemiah's rebuilding of Jerusalem.

I must say that I preferred the Harvest of Rubies more than this book.
Please do not misunderstand me: this is an excellent and interesting book, but much of it was about Nehemiah and Sarah religion and faith. I would have liked it much more if it has concentrated more on the mistery part, on Sarah's and Darius's marriage and love, on The Babilonian brothers, on Roxanne and Lysander. There were so many interesting characters that I felt were left on their own while the story was incentrated on Nehemiah preachings. Not that they were boring, but there was just too much of them for my taste.

Anyhow, I hope Ms. Afshar will continue to write about Sarah, Darius and all the others! I will certainly like to read more!!! :D