The Source of Magic: A Fantasy Romance (Alaia Chronicles) - Cate Rowan I read this book after Kismet's Kiss and I must admit that I liked it less.
Don't get me wrong it is a good book, but Kismet's Kiss was better!

Here we have a 21st Century Earth woman who's been abducted by a hot prince to another planet.

I think that's very similar to Robin Owens [b:Song of Marwey|12830632|Song of Marwey (The Summoning Prequel)|Robin D. Owens||17980753] and to the whole Summoning series.

But, even if the story is not novel one it was well done, what irked me was the hero's, Alvarr, behavior.

Alvarr is described as a young prince who will do everything to save his realm from the villain, so he abduct Jillian and want her to help him. He's arrogant in asking for her help and he treats her like she's abliged to give that help, even if she tries to explain that her first duty is to her mother and not some realm she hasn't heard of before! And he's fast to jump on conclusions, the wrong one obviously! He goes over the top thinking all the worst of the woman he loves. He insists on trust, but is the first not to give it! I would have preffered the hero more similar to Kuramos from Kismet's Kiss - more coherent to what he's preaching! His redeaming quality is that he's a really good and dedicated ruler and much loved by his subjects!

Jillian was annoying in the beginning, but she got better and better as the story unfolded. I could understand her reasoning. The only thing I have against her was that she was a little bit a doormat: she should have insisted more to be heard by Alvarr when the misunderstanding occured.

That said, the book was interesting; I liked the tone of voice the writed gave to the book and the flow of the story! And the twist about the villain!

I would like to read the story of the future rulers of Fallorm! :D