Kismet's Kiss - Cate Rowan I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

This is a great story!!!
I enjoyed very much the ambience, the loved story between Varene and Kuramos, the world building!


The story is non very unusual, but the twist about the love story was!

How would you feel to fall in love with a man – a very honourable man – who’s already married with six women!!!???
And the women are all (except one) very nice, grateful and friendly!

That’s the situation Varene has found herself in!

Varene is a wonderful character. She knows exactly what she want and has no problem demanding it.

Kuramos is wonderful too. A very sexual man, used to have everything he wants. But, at the same time giving everything he has to all his people. His people are very, very important to him and even if he requires their respect and obedience, he’s ready to make sacrifices for them.

Two very different cultures: Varene’s Teganne an illuminated monarchy, where magic is very valued; Kuramos’s Kad a very closed and strict, where magic is shunned. In Teganne the women are as valued as men; in Kad women are treated as men’s proprieties.

You can imagine what Varene finds and how she’s treated when she arrived in Kad! On top of being a woman, she’s a healer and uses magic for her healings!

Fortunately Kuramos, who is the one who’s summoned her, is a highly intelligent man and in his own way tries to ease the stay in Kad.

During her stay she has to fight with bigotry, sickness, enmity of one of the wives, but she also conquers the hearts of her assistant and her hand-maiden. And, also the heart of Kuramos…

Kuramos wants her from the start, but Varene is not one of Kad’s women. She independent, she has a very important position, she is an expert healer and, even if she falls in love with Kuramos, she’s not ready to bend her believes and submit.

As the story goes we clearly see the love growing between them, but we also see the apparently insurmountable problems they have to overcome. But I’ll not be giving anything about how this dilemma is solved: you have to read it to find out! :D
I’ll only say that I loved this story so much that I’ve gone and read the prequel: The Source of Magic!