Guilty as Sin - Jami Alden It seems that lately I read books where fathers mess with the life of their children…
They blame them for faults never committed; they burden them with undeserved guilt; they ruin their life pretending they’re protecting them… All manners of things that result in anguish and sorrow for the children.

As it is said, the road to Hell is paved by good intensions…

Here Kate bears the burden of her brother’s murder… Her family blames her for it.
She was only 16 years old when a monster kidnapped her little brother while she was making out with Tommy, her boyfriend despised by her father because he was from a poor family and thus beneath her status of a Senator’s daughter.

She betrayed them. She allowed a monster to take Michael. She was irresponsible.


She left him by himself because she was a slut.


They abandoned her. They blamed her with actions and words.

You’re nothing but a spoiled brat who let her brother get kidnapped and murdered.


I remember my father saying ‘I can’t stand the sight of her. Every time I see her, I wish she was the one who’d died.’


But Kate is strong, even under all the burdens she bears on her shoulders. She dedicated her life to help find kidnapped children. And the last case brings her back to where everything started and where her life has broken down.

Tommy is a young man who’s fallen in love with a girl way over his social standing: he’s poor, he’s a farmer son, he’s Hispanic… He tries to keep Kate away from himself, but love is stronger, so they meet in secret… And the night Michael is kidnapped they’re making out…

Kate’s father, the Senator, dislikes Tommy because he think he’s not good enough for his daughter, so when tragedy strikes, his dislike escalates in hate. He did everything in his power to ruin Tommy’s life: he take away his scholarship, he threatened to make the bank withdraw the mortgage of his parent’s farm… So Tommy did the only thing he could do: he enrolled in the Army and went to fight in the worst places.

Tommy is strong too and he made a good life for himself: he’s business is flourishing and he’s content.

The relationship shattered after the tragedy. Kate’s guilt and will to earn her father’s love made her push Tommy away in the worst way. So Tommy is bitter and believes that Kate pushed him away because she’s a spoilt brat.

When they meet again the attraction is still there, but both fight it viciously.

While looking for a kidnapped girl, evidences emerge that the wrong man could have been convicted for her brother’s murder.
Also the attraction between Kate and Tommy escalates until they cannot fight it anymore. And all the passion buried for all these year pours out in a incandescent way!


There are twist and turns here. The mystery of who is the culprit is revealed only at the end and it is good!

I could feel Kate’s misery and pain, her desire to be loved and her fear of not deserving it.

I could also feel Tommy’s anger over Kate’s rejection. His feeling inadequate. His desire and love for Kate.

This is a beautiful book where angst, anger, desire, injustice, hate, the twisted mind of the villain and everyone’s feelings are explored.