Blood of Isis - Elizabeth  Otto Yes, I know that this book has stellar ratings, but I didn’t liked it at all!

The story is confused. The scenes change abruptly. Some things are left unexplained.

The basic idea was interesting, but the execution and the characters were so lame.

The lead male character, Ben, is supposed to be hot and hero material, but to me he seemed just plain stupid. OK, he has problems his wife died because of the demon Mamilan (the name grated on my nerves, by the way…)and he lost his powers.. So, he’s supposed to be a damaged hero… but is it how he appears? No, not at all! He appears arrogant and I-know-everything! His actions were awful!
We are lead to believe he’s attracted to the heroine, but his actions are completely contrary… He has to drain her of the energy, because it’s killing her, through sex, but what he does? He has sex with her, but doesn’t take the energy with an excuse that their first time should be about them and not about leeching energy!!! Oh, boy!!!! She’s dying and he thinks that???!!! Another idiocy: since he’s damaged and “unable” to love her properly (the usual I-love-her-but-I’m-not-good-enough-for-her rant!!!) he tells her plainly that he doesn’t and never will love her, even if he knows that she will freak out and run alone! And all the while he keeps telling her that the demon is after her and she should not be alone!!!!!). To all this the only ting I can say is:


Jayda (another name I didn’t like at all!) too was supposed to be a damaged heroine, but it was over-done!!! She’s a widow of a meth producer, she was abused by him, she was an abused child too, she is a survivor of an terrible car wreck, she’s scarred and scared… All along I was wandering what other terrible things could have happened to her!!!! She could fall and brake her neck and remain paraplegic, or she could slip, bang her head an be in a coma!!! Enough is enough!


Her actions too were plain stupid! Her TSTL moment are plentiful: since she’s supposedly psychologically labile, she doubts every person who wants to help her, but is not able to say NO to the person she feels is there to harm her! Then, when angry with the hero she throws away the only amulet that could help her in a fit! She runs around alone when she was told a demons in after her!!! .

Shall I go on?


I thought about DNF this book, but I kept reading and hoping it ill get better…. Unfortunately it didn’t!

I finished it with a sight of relief. At that point I hated: the hero, the heroine, the secondary characters, the demons and everybody else!

Please, please, if you cannot love stupid people and more stupid actions, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!