Dark Waters - Toni Anderson I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

A very, very good thriller.

Anna is the daughter of an ex-con who stole one million dollars but has always claimed that he’s innocent. When her father has been arrested hers and her other’s life has been destroyed. Her mother re-married after a short while. Anna was raped by her step-brother and never told a soul about it. Anna become very closed, very prim and proper, very repressed person.

When her father discovers that his employees are stealing money, he knows that nobody will believe him. He transfers the money and tries to run to the FBI. He sends the printout of where he transferred it, and leaves a voice message to Anna to run. Unfortunately he never makes it and the goons kill him making it appear like a suicide after the theft.

When Anna is notified of his death and hears the message, she obeys and run to the only friend of her father’s – an ex-con Brent.

Brent was convicted as a teenager for having killed his father and have passed 15 years in jail part of that time with Anna’s father as cell-mate. He’s bitter, dark and broody. He’s estranged from everybody. He’s guilt ridden. His only love is painting and he’s a very successful and rich.

When Anna arrived at his secluded house she’s terrified by him, but she doesn’t have anybody else. Brent is very annoyed, but for her father’s sake decides to help her.

Both of them have no idea who you’re against, how to prove her father’s innocence, how to prove that his death is not a suicide, where her father has sent the proof of the theft.

Meanwhile the villains are looking for Anna and are trying to find out where the proof has been sent. They’re ruthless and very determined.

The story revolves around all of this: Anna secrets, her inability to have contact with men, her anger with her father for having stolen, her anger for her mother for having abandoned her. Brent has his problems too: he’s convinced that his bad luck and death threat to all the people who love him; he’s angry to the system for having him convicted for murder when he was only defending his brother; he feels guilty about the death of his ex-girlfriend. Anna mother also is part of the story: her marriage to Ed starts feeling stiffening. She’s angry with her dead ex-husband for ruining her life and pushing her towards Ed.

We also see inside the head of the main killer: his utter depravity, his lack of any humanity, his ego-mania. He think he has the right to do anything, kill, rape, torture, in order to get “his” money back! It’s chilling!

The writing style is very good and the story flows without problems, smoothly and thrilling. The actions of each character are coherent and logical – just what I would have done in their shoes (apart from one single action of the heroine near the end which was bordering on TSTL!!!).

Even if there’re no doubts about who is the good and who are the bad guys, the book kept my attention till the end! And I loved the twist at the end - excellent and unexpected! :D

I loved Brent and Anna. They were perfect for each other. Their damaged souls were meant to heal each other. The way they fell in love was just right! First there come the trust, then the attraction and after that love. Obviously, being both of them damaged in the emotional department, there was a lot of angst and desire to negate the feeling, but it was done in such a way that it fit their personalities perfectly!

Great book! :D