No Chance - Christy Reece I like Ms. Reece’s Last Chance Rescue books.

That said, I had issues with this particular book.

First one is that Gabe and Skylar didn’t talk to each other!
If only they have talked about the horrible thing her father, mother, cousin have done to them and explained to each other what have happened to each of them after the last time they saw each other, it could have solved many, many problems and it would have been the adult thing to do.
But, no, they pout like children.
I wanted to yell: TALK, TALK, TALK TO EACH OTHER!!! all the time!

Second, I don’t get how Skylar could forgive her parents so easily after what they have done… OK, I get that they’re her parents, but she almost died and they still didn’t tell her that Gabe was alive!!!??? So, after she discovers how and what they have done, she just have a nervous breakdown and cries in Gabe’s arms????!!! WTF!!!

Third, I really hated her father! He was sticking his nose into her life like she’s 2 years old! He spies, he babble about her issues to his friend, even after she tells him to stop he still doesn’t listen to her… I would have liked if Ms. Reece arranged his demise at his friend’s hands! That would have been poetic justice! But sadly, Skylar forgives him at the end!!!! OMG!!!

Even if the book is very well written and the story interesting, I just couldn’t forgive these issues! So instead of 5 stars, I give it only 3. But if you can stomach all the above, do read it, because the villain is truly, truly scary!!!! :D