The Bite That Binds (Deep In Your Veins, #2) - Suzanne  Wright A great direct sequel to Here Be Sexist Vampires!

The story continues with Sam and Jared starting the last week before their Binding ceremony.

They just want to enjoy it and relax, but obviously the life intrudes… During an operation Sam is modified in a mysterious way and nobody knows what will happen to her: she has debilitating attacks of pain coming from nowhere and without notice. She’s changing, but nobody knows what the outcome will be…

There’re are: jealous ex, Master Vampires who don’t want Sam as Jared’s bond mate; an organization stealing babies for sale and killing mothers…

Instead of relaxing they are almost overcome with problems. The action is non-stop and things that at the beginning seemed disconnected, as the story goes by, start to form a bigger picture. Great job: like a big puzzle composing itself piece by piece!

Fortunately we can see their love shining and growing.

Sam is her sassy self and Jared is overprotective as usual. They clash, but love is always present. Sometimes Sam concedes, sometimes Jared, and it’s wonderful seeing that they do it because they love each other and, more important, they understand each other. All this without a cheesy moment!

As in the previous book, we have both Sam and Jared POV and it’s really great. The dialogue is sparky and fun, even in the darkest moments. Loved it!

The secondary characters are all here too and I love all of them!

I love this world. I hope Suzanne Wright rights quickly another book in the series! :D