Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins, #1) - Suzanne  Wright A few weeks ago I was spoiling a book… I was having very much fun… my friend Iva a little less! *wink*


So she said she’ll forgive my bad behaviour if I read this book.

Since I really want her forgiveness I’ve read it and … SHE WAS RIGHT!!!

This book is really, really good!!!

I thought that this would be a usual vampire book, but it was not!

Here the vampires are like super-heroes in Marvel’s comics.

Sam, the heroine, is awesome! She’s strong, she’s sassy, she’s smart and she’s hilarious!

“God, give me strength,” I begged as I looked upwards. “I’m bored with Question Time now, Dickson.”
“It’s Dawson.”
“I know.”

As soon as she appeared and confronted Jared, the hero, I loved her! She’s so confident and she wouldn’t allow anyone to stomp on her for any reason! Obviously, having a job as the firs woman Commander, she has to fight and prove to everybody that she’s capable and she does a great job! She’s devious and she manages to become a fantastic commander! Great!!!
We know right from the start that she’s attracted to Jared. She doesn’t negate it, but she fights it for all the good reasons: she doesn’t want to be his possession. She want to be respected.

Jared is a spoilt boy. He’s the Heir and he wallows in his role.

“Tell me you’re not here hoping to try for a place in the legion.” When I didn’t say anything he laughed. “Let me give you some advice: run along home.”
“Why? Because I’m a girl?”
What an arrogant little sod. I folded my arms across my chest and snorted. “Are you for real?”
“Listen, this isn’t a cheerleading squad. You don’t get points for being pretty. It’s some serious shit which is why a girl has never been accepted, and never will be. There’s no place for a female in the legion.”


I had my ass kicked. I had my ass kicked by a Sventé vampire. I had my ass kicked by a woman. The guys would never let me live this down.

Every female is at his feet and he doesn’t understand why Sam is not among them. She confuses him and challenges him. Obviously, that is what make him notice her. His attraction grows and grows until it just snaps. But still he doesn’t get that Sam is not a simple female: she’s his equal, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. So he pursues her, he teases her, he challenges her authority as Commander. But Sam is strong: fighting fair she just confuses him more. Bit by bit Sam makes him understand her and it happens slowly until Jared is so deep in love with her that when he realizes it he’s shocked and elated in the same time!

The dialogue, the secondary characters, the action, the fun moments, the heat and the sex are great! I love the tone of voice of the whole book. It was so fun and easy to read. Very refreshing!

So, if you want a vampire book with a different twist, you must read this one, you’ll not regret it! :D