Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey Cute book, good for a nice summer afternoon, but too cliché:

- instant-love - check
- heroine who fights love because of stupid plan concocted during her teenage years - check
- heroines abused childhood - check
- hero crazy beautiful, sexy, hung… - check
- heroine voluptuous, but thing herself too big - check
- hero’s family accepting heroine immediately - check
- heroine’s cute-crazy girlfriends - check
- hot sex - check

I must admit that there are some really laughing out funny parts of the book, like this one:

He nodded and leaned over to whisper in my ear. “Soft hand.”
I held out my fingers in front of me, smiling. “Thank you. I use hand cream to keep them moisturized.”


He let out a long whistle. “You need to split.”
I jumped off the chair and looked around. “Okay,” I said, wringing my hands, trying to figure out where to go and whether I should take all the chips with me or just abandon them to my shame.
He put his hand on my arm. “What are you doing? Take your seat.”
I looked at him confused. “But you told me to take off.”


“Do you want me to hit you?” he asked.
I looked at him aghast, wondering what rule I’d broken so badly I needed to be physically abused over it. “No, I don’t want you to hit me. Do you want me to hit you?” I stood up, ready to defend myself. This was the worst customer service I’d ever experienced in my entire life. He was probably pissed off that I had half the aces.


Jealousy overwhelmed my thoughts and had me staring daggers at both of them. Where are those poisonous snakes when you need them, anyway?