Secrets of a Mayan Moon - Paty Jager I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

For me it was 3 and ½ stars, but I gave it 4 because I really liked Isabella! :D

A female wanna be Indiana Jones.
That’s the impression I got while reading this book.

Isabella, the heroine, is a young woman, a prodigy who comes to Guatemala invited by her mentor to translate an Aztec tablet found in a archaeological dig.

Arriving a in small airport she gets mugged and meets our hero Tino who is to be her guide to the dig.

Isabella is unprepared for the travel through the jungle and she makes mistakes, but being a very intelligent girl she never repeats them and, even if the peril of being TSTL is present, it never comes out that way. I got to like her: her frank speech, her sharp mind and her naiveté.

Being she a really young and neglected woman, she’s attracted to her guide’s personality and strength. She grew up neglected by her family, scorned by her colleagues for her youth and intelligence. She insecure of her attractiveness for the opposite sex. She feels that she’s too flat-chested, to masculine to be considered beautiful.

Tino is an undercover agent for DEA. He takes place of the actual guide in order to get to the dig he suspects is a covert operation for drug smuggling. When he first meets Isabella he’s convinced she will be a burden, but he will do everything to get to the dig. On the contrary, he comes to appreciate Isabella and starts feeling a strong attraction for her.

The story, besides the romantic part, is nicely done. There’re drug smugglers, archaeological theft, human sacrifices, bad guys abound and action too. Even if everything is logical, I felt it was too naïve for my taste. Everything happens as if choreographed. Things happen as if made thus to lead Isabella or Tino to act in a certain way. I don’t know if I’m explaining it very well, but to me it seamed like a puzzle pieces that have to be fit in a certain way to work…

There’re also come inconsistencies like sometime Isabella’s hair is wavy and sometimes is strait; one thief is called one Raul and another time the same is called Carlos…

The hot parts was nice and very good until the sex come into play – then it just got murky. Isabella was a virgin, but when they get down to it I didn’t have time to know what is happening and it was over, so I went and re-read it, but – nothing… it was all over in two sentences… Now I don’t say that it has to be elaborated to be interesting, but really, at least a little bit more clear, not erotic, would be nice! There’s a word that made me cringe: miembro… I know that’s Spanish, but… brrr…

Also, there was a little bit too much running around and not enough much more logical actions taking place: if you get a connection between the dig and narcos loud and clear, why didn’t Tino get the cavalry right away? If Isabella got proof that her mentor was working for the narcos why didn’t she tell Tino to contact his superiors? Instead both of them just run around and get into danger…

If you want a nice heroine, a lot of action even if not always the logical one, a nice building of sexual tension then you’ll enjoy this book. Nothing too brainy, but nicely written.