Exposed (Tracers) - Laura Griffin I love the Tracers books and this one was not a disappointment!

The stories in these books are really, really good and interesting.

Here the story is about Maddie becoming an inadvertent witness of a kidnapping. She’s not aware at first that she witnessed anything, but as the investigation goes on, she gets involved more and more.

Brian is an FBI agent following the case of Serbian mobster who abducted a young woman and since Maddies is a witness he must be in contact with her. As it goes in RS, he’s very attracted to Maddie.

But Maddie does not require protection. On the contrary she’s the one helping him and his investigation with the help of all her friends from the Delphi Center.

The story works very well and in a very logical way. The romantic part is interwoven evenly and is hot. Brien cannot hold his hands from Maddie. And Maddie, with all the very big problems she has with relationships cannot shut down her own attraction towards Brian.

Very solid book. It’s always a pleasure to read Ms. Griffin’s book. She has a nice way of telling the story, of making it interesting and logic. Great book!