Therian Prize - Cyndi Friberg I must be crazy: I don’t know why I continue reading and liking these series????

These books are rather short and the end, even if it’s not strictly cliff-hanger, is still too open for my taste.

The story is predictable and typical shapeshifter story: there’s and evil organization; there’re different kinds of shapeshifters; there’s the heroine in peril, there’s a sexy alpha hero who saves the day, there’s instant love, there’s hot sex… The usual, you know.

So why do I continue following it?

I don’t really know… It could be because it’s almost like a family to me. I get the books as soon as they come out – without hesitation… Maybe I just want to know how will it all end…

I think it would be better if I just forget about it, but I find myself unable to… it's strangely compelling... :D