Forged in Steele - Maya Banks I love this series! :D

What I loved mostly in this book is the bluntness of both hero and heroine. Sometimes it was hilarious.

“You just kissed me and then you ask me what’s wrong?”
He frowned. “Was it that bad?”
This time she did laugh. “I think you know it wasn’t bad. Why did you kiss me, Steele? What the hell is going on here?”
“I want us to have sex,” he said bluntly.
She blinked owlishly and stared back at him in silence. Though her glasses were fogged with the heat from their kiss and she itched to remove them so she wouldn’t miss any part of this exchange.
“Ooo-kay,” she began slowly. “You want to have sex with me. You want to have sex with a woman to whom you’ve never spoken more than a few words at a time. Tell me something, Steele, is this one of those situations where any pussy will do? Is it a guy thing, coming off a mission and you’ll dip into the first available well you can find?”
He looked completely taken aback by her blunt language. Surprised even. Then he seemed to figure out that it was possible he’d just been insulted.
“I don’t fuck around,” he growled. “I’m clean. I use condoms. I haven’t had sex in a year.”
“All righty then,” she said, more than a little surprised at his admission. “Maybe a little more than I needed to know.”
“If you’re sleeping with me, you need to know.”


“I could seriously get used to having a houseboy,” she said wistfully.
He raised an eyebrow. “Boy?”
“Er, um, house hottie then? House stud?”
He winced. “Sorry I said anything at all. If it ever gets out that you called me your house hottie, I’ll never be able to show my face to my team again.”

In this book there was not so much action as in the others and the suspense part is less-suspenseful. There is much more touchy-feeling musings both from Maren’s and Steel’s part.

Steel was always described as tough as nail guy, without feelings, very closed up and mysterious. Here I was surprised to find him very open, but with Maren only! I thought he will be freaked out by his feelings, but instead he was really open and acknowledged them from the start. When he fell, and it was a really short fall, he fell so hard that’s incredible. The epilogue was so touching and tender!!!

Here we could totally feel depth of his love and it was almost frightening.

Maren was half in love/lust with Steel since the beginning and it doesn’t take her long to fall completely in love with him. She’s a bit too much girly, even if I didn’t mind to much about that. She’s a doctor, so she’s not obliged to be courageous or tough. But, beside Steel she pales.

I loved hearing about the characters of the other books. I’ll be definitely read the other books about KGI & Co. I hope next book will be about Hencock – he’s so interesting!!!