Delphi Promised - Chris Reher This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest review

As you can see from my reviews of Ms. Reher’s books, I love this series! :D

I've read the book in almost one sitting! Or, better I devoured it! It was just like watching a Star Treck movie: thrilling!

Here Nove is not the heroine, even if she and Ty make their appearance. Here the story is about their daughter Cyann. I'd say that the shift on next generation was great! I enjoyed it very, very much! Loved Cyann - she's great and I hope that she's be as good as Nova in the future! I felt how young she is, how insecure about her status as the only half-Delphian. I loved the fact the she's insecure. That she doesn't know her potential.

Also Ty’s son, Kiran is here! I was always curious to know what happened to him. Here Cyann gets a “connection” with Kiran and she goes in search for him. The situation id dire and she must find him. When she does find him it was very touching. Kiran is a wreck, he’s loosing his mind. He’s Tughan Wai, a super-being, a creature whose mind has very destructive powers, but he’s also a young man who’s battling his Tughan Wai nature… Cyann helps him. It was very nicely done: you could feel her attachment to her half-brother and her will to save him. Kiran too is attached to her – has always been. In his moments of lucidity he also tries to help her. Since her insecurity about her position in the world is plaguing her his reasoning about that helps her a lot! I loved how Kiran tells her that she's a species apart from all the rest. :D

Another character from the last book is the main character here: Jovan. I loved Jovi too. But I loved him since the last book, so it's not a novelty! *wink*
Here he’s all grown up and his pledge to Cyann is forcing him to hide his real feelings. Obviously his unable to do it, since Cyann is pushing all his buttons! :D
He’s trying to be very Delphian, but his time spent in the Academy changed him and his view of the world. He’s still very much a Shantir and respects their ways, but he’s also much more!

A very good book and very nice to read about the future generation! Great job! :D