Pandora's Box (The Road to Hell #1) - Gracen Miller WOW!


In Madison's Life Lessons we met a very young Mads, here we see her all grow up! And what a wonderful character!

I loved her. She’s still confused about what is happening to her and why, but she’s fully convinced that she has to be strong and fight against all odds.

Amos, hers and Micah’s son, her little baby, is completely out of control. His demonic nature is coming out and he’s getting very dangerous to all, even Mads! But her love for him is shining through all the pages. She’s ready to scarify everything for Amos.

So, she gets in contact with the Birminghams and… Nix! Double WOW!!! Sex on stick! He’s a very bad boy in every sense: he’s hot, he’s tattooed, he has dimples, he has a sexy drawl, he’s a demon hunter (or Sherlock as they’re called here) and he’s hot for Mads! :D


After Micah’s betrayal Madeline is not ready for another man, but, oh, boy, is she attracted to Nix! Since the first time she gets her eyes on him! But she resists!

Things gets complicated more and more when the reason why Amos is getting homicidal comes out. When Micah returns to torment her. When she doesn’t understand why is he tormenting her.


And all the while she fights for her baby. To get him better, to heal him in any way she can. She ceases being a southern belle – she becomes a fighter!


Nix fights his attraction too. How can he feel this way towards a demon-child mom? If she gave birth to a demon, there must be something wrong with her… but his attractions only grows!

Oh, I don’t want to spoil this book for you, but there’s so much happening here that it’s a whirlwind of action, important facts, new characters appearing (all of them interesting!), truths revealed! It is a must read if you like paranormal with a lot of spice!