Run to Me - Christy Reece It could be a 5 stars book if not for dubts that Ethan had all through the book.

The history between Shea and Ethan is divided in two periods: first when they where in love and together until Shea wanted more commitment and tryed to force him into it; second, after her rescue and loss of memory.

I understand that he's felt responsible, but too much is too much.
What I didn't understand is that he continues to feel responsible for an accident happened many years ago. He was driving the car when an accident happened during which his college girlfriend died.
OK, it was terrible, the guilt must have been huge, he went in prison for that, so I think he could forgive himself after so many years. But even if he ruined his first time relationship with Shea for that reason, he still insists with it even now! It's just too much for me!

Shea, on the other hand, during the first period of their relationship, even knowing about his past tries to force him into marriage getting pregnant! And after her attampt failes, run to his best friend and marries him! I just couldn't get it! A big NO!

So these two grown up people, who love each other very much , cannot solve their relation until the very end of the book... Sad...

Instead the story was excellently managed. To get the two periods so well intertwined was not easy.

The villan of the story was interesting as well. His mental illness and his complete depravity and absence of conscience was really frightening. Ms. Reece describes some really disturbing actions without being too graphic, but giving all the same a feeling of terror.

I liked the book even with all its flaws and I'll be definitely read the next book of the series, even if not right now. I feel I need time time to digest the feeling this one left in my stomach! *wink*