Hell, Fire & Freedom (Fighting for Freedom, #1) - Shannon Callahan I was expecting more from this book. Maybe too much and it didn't deliver. It was not bad, but... I have many issues...

First, I don't get how a woman after 5 years of hell: beatings, rape, mental torture, can even look at another man! How can she even contemplate kissing a man. Not to speak about getting in bed with him... But that's what Brynn does!

She'd escaped, travelled half the country to get to New York with her sister. She's exhausted, but when she sees Blaze in the coffee-shop, she notices him and feels attraction... So not something I think an abused woman will do!
I understand that she's trying to get on with her life, but it was done too quickly! The whole story covers one year and they're happily together with children... Mah... Never heard a seriously abused woman get well so quickly! It would have been much more believable if the story was stretched in time, following the time-line that could have allowed her to heal at a reasonable pace. This way it just felt rushed and not believable!

Blaze too was a bit over-the-line. At first he's tender and gentle, but very soon he's hitting on her heavily! After just a couple of weeks he takes her to his home (this is another thing I didn't get: Brynn going to his house!!!) and get his way with her... He also orders her around; even if it is for her own good, I don't think it was the right path for him to take.

The sex parts: I found them very mechanical. I didn't feel the connection, just the heat. Maybe it was because I had all the above perplexities, but I found them highly improbably.

So, why did I gave it even 3 stars?
Because of Marie and because I want for all the abused women out there to have such an easy recovery and to find a good man for them!