Mountain Wild - Stacey Kayne As soon as I finised Maverick Wild, I jumped on Mountain Wild! :D

I loved Jamie in the previous books and was anxious to read his story!
And I was very, very happy!

Jamie is awesome! He's hot, gentle, tender... Mmmmmm... Wonderful!

Maggie was great too! She was tough, capable. I felt sorry for her too: how awful to have a brother who hate her so much to want to kill her!!! Poor girl...

I would have loved to know Ira's story. Why did he helped Maggie? Who was he? I liked him and was sad that he was not developed more in the story.

Anyhow, the love story is great. There's no doubt that Maggie a Jamie are perfect for each other. Magie doesn't fight her attraction and enjoys Jamies adavances fully, but she's rightly convinced that her awful brother will do everything to kill her, even if it means killing Jamie to get to her. So she tries to protect him; not very successfully. Here's her TSTL moment: she goes to her brother's ranch alone! Why did she thought she'll be able to kill him without anyone else being present? Then she talks to him instead of shooting him! Obviously she's caught. And Jamie, coming in her rescue, is involved!

That said, I loved this book! ... and this whole series! :D