Maverick Wild - Stacey Kayne Mmmm... It was good, but not as good as the previous one.
I liked Cora Mae, but I liked Sky better. So my main complaint was Cora Mae.

While Sky was tough and resilient, Cora mae was a little bit broken.
I understand that she's been working for herself, managing a boarding house, but actually I didn't see that strenght and capability. It was just told not shown.
She comes at the ranch to escape her mother, but continues to lie to Chance telling him she died. How stupid is that?
I couldn't get why she cound't tell them her mother was alive and after her? What was the problem?

Obviously the Morgans hate her mother, but that could not be the reason for not telling.

Chance was good and hot, but I was expecting more from him. He knows Cora Mae is lying and hiding something, but does he push to find out the truth? No, he doesn't until the very end! It was frustating.

I don't want to rant too much, because I enjoyed the book, but there were these things that ruined the joy, so thus only 4 stars. :D