Bare It All - Lori Foster I must say that I loved Lori Foster's Edge of Honor series and I love this series too since it's similar. :D

I just knew that Alice will get Reese since the first time he met her! It was inevitable as the tide! :D

I loved Alice! LOVE her!!!
She's the perfect mix between ingenuity and perfectly trained specia-ops agent! She's not a ninja or a martial art expert, but she's so observant and insightful! I loved the mix!
Sometimes she doesn't get a clue, but sometimes she just surprise everybody with something so insightful that's incredible!
No wonder Reese fell for her!
She's straitlaced because she's hiding herself because she's been kidnapped for more than a year by a slaver!, but she's unhibited when Reese is in question. I laughed often because Reese coudn't keep with her sometimes surprising statements! LOL

Reese is a HOT, a really big guy, serious and honest to falt! He knows from the start that Alice is the woman for him. He relentless and he does everything to get her. But at the same time he's clueless how to do it. He's so out of water here that it's really funny. I loved him!

Both are into each other from the start and they are dancing around each other because neither know what to do.
When they come together, and it deosn't take long, it's really spectacular. And HOT!!!
But even if both acknowledge their sexual chamistry neither is sure about the others feelings.

In al this there's a very real danger that brings more problems.

But, I'll not tell you anything more than: go and read this really fantastic book! :D

I'm anxiously waiting for the next book - it's about Alice's brother Rowdy. Mmmmm... I want to see him fall - it should be spectacular! LOL