Mustang Wild - Stacey Kayne An interesting story and interesting characters!

Sky was incredible! She's almost too tough. But at the same time she's feminine too in a very unusual way. She didn't need women's clothes to be beautiful, but she appreciated them when Tuck bought them for her. She's completely at ease with the life of cowhands, but she misses hot tube baths. I liked very much this about her.

Tuck was interesting in his own way. He's a womanizer and doesn't hide it. He's reckless and doesn't hide it either. He wants Sky and does everything to get her, even if at first he tries not to because he's promised Chance. He seduces her and cannot keep himself from her without realizing that he's fallen in love. His toughts and reasoning are fun to read a made me laugh! Besides, he's sexy as sin! *wink*

Garrett is a joy! I would like a brother like him! He's tough too, but he's not shy about showing how much he loves his sister with hugs and words!

Chase if fun too. He's very forward and sometimes borders on rude, but he's soft inside and we see it ofter, but never so much as at the end when he rides for hours in the snow to get a puppy to Garrett for Christmas. I'm happy to read his story next!