Redeemed (The MacKays #2) - Kerrigan Byrne I really like these novellas!
The last one Released was not as good as the previous ones, and I was afraid that the series has begun to slip, but this one was good and I'm happy about it! :D
Loved the druid Daroch as soon as I met him and was intrigued to find out his story! He's such a fantastic character! So brooding, so lonley, so ... sexy... *wink*
I liked Kylah too. With all she suffered before dying I thought she was too traumatized to do anything, but here she's intrigued with Daroch too!
Their love story is sweet and tortured at the same time, but so worthwhile!
I cryed when I was reading about how Daroch found her bones and discovered what actually happened to her. I cryed when he goes to her mother and informs her that he burried her. It was really touching!

Now, I think it's Kamdyn's turn! Wondering who's her man?