You Are Mine (Mine, #1) - Janeal Falor OMG!!! OMG!!!
This one could have been classified as YA only because the h&H are young! Nothing else is YA here! The society here described is so anti-women that’s incredible! I couldn’t live there! It’s slavery, pure and simple and of the worst kind! The women there have absolutely no rights. They cannot almost even think! They cannot talk freely even between themselves! It’s really, really awful!


Serena is sold (yes, SOLD!!!) to a warlock by her father because her blood is rich with magic and will produce powerful worlocks! OMG!!! She’s treated like livestock!!! And you would think that her father will treat her better because of it, but NO he treats her as always! He breaks her leg with a spell as punishment because she dared voice an opinion!!!

“You will not dishonor me or your intended again.” He stalks toward me and yanks me back by my hair bun. “You will do nothing.”
A crimson light launches from him, heading straight for my leg. My body jerks with a mute scream as the bone breaks. Tears prick my eyes. I silently beg for the spell to push me into unconsciousness. His hand presses on the wound, the pressure increasing as he speaks.
“He has good lineage, is a powerful warlock, is next in line for the council, and is friends with the Grand Chancellor. He paid good money for you. You will not disgrace him.”
The searing agony is so consuming, the world blissfully starts to blacken. My head lolls, and I close my eyes, welcoming the dark embrace.
“Ah ah. You're not getting out of punishment so easy.”
The world comes into unreal focus. The pain intensifies. Minutes. Hours. Some time. Too much time.

That’s sooooo awful that I was trembling while reading this!!! And that’s not the only time! Throughout the book we discover that he punished her for almost anything she did! Even for helping her mother give birth to a child, because it was a female child!!! I wanted to kill him outright! Painfully! With joy in my heart!!!


Obviously her “intended” is not better! He knows that she will be tarnished (that’s another thing that made my blood boil!) – they will shave the woman’s hair, tattoo her face and made barren making her a “worthless shadow” that can be killed/sacrificed – if he f*uck her, but does he care? Of course not, the pig! Luckily for her he’s stopped by an Envadi “barbarian”. I was soooo happy when one of the said “barbarians” kills him, even if I would preferred a much more painful death for that worthless slime!


Serena is so traumatized and used to be treated as slave that she’s not able o understand that her new “master” is nothing like the other males he’s been in contact with. He’s a “barbarian”. But slowly, very, very slowly, she comes to understand that he’s very, very different in a very, very good way.
She’s doubting his behaviour thinking that he’s taunting her so that he’ll be able to administer worse punishment when he deems the moment right. But at the same time she’s unable to resist the temptation of acting with more freedom than ever before. She pushes and pushes and nothing happens – there’s no punishment. She pushes so much that she put in peril Zade and herself.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but you really should give this book a try! It’s the perfect book to read before going to a martial art session where you can free all the anger that will surely boil in you! LOL