Rebel Alliances - Chris Reher Provided by Author in exchange for an honest review

Have I said that I just love superNova's books? *wink*


I loved each one of this three books! And not only because I love SF! The story is soo good and each book is interesting in its own way. It never becomes boring like some other series, but remains fresh!

Nova is such a great heroine! She's intelligent, cunning, quick! She's also a nice person. She never panics. She's always allert and thinks with clear head in difficult situations. But, as we get to know thorugh her inner dialogue, she understands the possibilities for things to go wrong, but it never stops her. I hope the autor will forgive me, but she reminds me of Captain Kirk from Star Treck, while Ty reminds me of Spock! LOL

Ty is also great. Here he's much more "human" and less Delphian. *wink* We see how much he loves her when he acts so un-Delphian-like when he discovers that she's in danger.

Here we have Ty meeting Seth. I loved how this was managed! Seth and Ty are so great together! I hope in the next books we'll see how and if this tenuous "friendship" will grow. I hope it will!

I liked Jovan too! He's young, but so much fun in his Delphian-like convinctions and behavior! I laughed when he gets scandalized by Nova's sharp tongue! LOL

I really, really have high expectations for the next book! I want to know more about each character and I want to know what happened to Kiran! Please, please write quickly! :D