After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna What a wonderful book!

I'm not overly fond of 1st person narrative, but I enjoyed this very, very much. It was interesting and so very real. It was like listening to my own toughts! Incredible!

Erin is such an interesting person. She's very, almost too much, grounded. She's so anchored in grim reality that is sometimes too much! She does everything that is right, that is her duty to do. She thinks she must do everything for her sister, but at the same time she knows that's impossible. But still she's ready to sacrifice everything to make her sister's life better. It would have been too much to stomach, but I came to accept somehow everything she does as the right thing! Perheps because she gets that this is so wrong and aims to change. She admits her mistakes and wrong behavior and corrects the errors with so much grace! That was the magic of this book!

Caring was all about surrender, in the end. The opposite of control. The difference between strangling someone and embracing them.

Kelly... mmmm...
He's like a rock at the beginning. He's controlling, he's tough, he's always calm. But... as we see thorugh Erin's eyes that's not all. Yes, he's very outspoken; he doesn't sugarcoat his needs *fanning myself here...*. he's honest to the bone with his bad and good traits. I liked very much his honesty. But,as I said, it's not all he is: he's also fun and sweet and caring. His armor doesn't fall away easily. But Erin's is that way too: hard to come off!

They're perfect for each other! Beside the sex *hot, hot, hot* they talk, they joke. It's very touching.

“I’m nothing without people relying on me. You ever feel tempted to offer me a foot rub, save your energy and ask me to fix something instead.”
“If it makes you so happy, I’ll break stuff on purpose.”
“No.” He turned around and kissed my forehead, then coaxed me to flip so he could do the spooning, hugging me tight. “There’s always something broken. No need to make trouble when there’s plenty already waiting. Just lemme fix what I can, when you can’t do the job yourself.”
“I will,” I promised. He already was. Fixing that ache in my chest, just being here, holding me. Chiseling a few bricks out of his cold gray tower, just enough for me to slip inside and feel shielded from
the wind and rain.

VEry, very beautiful book! A book all of us should read! :D