Indiana Wild (Spirit Pass, #1) - S.E.  Smith A cute book. It's actually 3,5 stars.
Seeing all the raving reviews, I thought it would be better.
I ilked both Indy and Jonathan. They were great and fun.
The scene where Jake, Jonathan and Jacob discover Indy repairing the roof where too much fun!!! LOL
Also the scene where Indy finds out she's way too far away from than she tought was fun too!
But... the idea of time travelling to and fro was too far fetched for me. It just didn't ring true.
Also I didn't understand why Indy went through the pass. If she was so smart why didn't she go to Sam's ranch in the first place? Why getting her things and running away?
Jonathan's and Jacob's acceptance that Indy was from the future was too easy. There was never a doubt. If somebody came to me and told me he was from the future I would have al least some doubt, but here there was none.
The sizzling between Indy and Jonathan was hot, but their love appeared too much insta-love to me. I would have preferred for them to fall in love step by step and not head-over-heel.
But, I liked this book enough to read Jacob's story! :D