Texas Splendor - Lorraine Heath Why, why, why this series has to end???


Please, pretty please with cherry on top, Ms. Heath, do write more!!!

Austin... poor, poor Austin... :(
I just knew at the end of the second book what will happend!!! My heart was crying for him when he found out that Becky married! More so because she married Cameron!!! Double betrayal!!!
I wanted to hug him, to console him... I wanted to smack Becky and Cameron, evend if all worked wonderfully at the end!
Austin is sexy, sweet and completely different from his brothers. He doesn't fight his feelings all that hard. At the beginning, yes, but after a while he accepts, even if he is no-good at saying them out loud!

Loree is just as good. She fell in love with Austin almost since the beginning, because he was so good nd honorable, not to say anything about beautiful and sexy! *wink* She just continues falling during the whole book! And more deeply she falls more she's afraid to tell the truth. And what a truth that is!!! Explosive! It could destroy everything! I loved how this was explained and developed.

I loved also how the music is woven through every feeling.

And the music. Although he wasn't playing his violin, she almost imagined that she heard the chords thrumming through her heart as he brushed his lips over the curve of her breast.

Wonderful, wonderful book!!!