Texas Glory - Lorraine Heath Let me start saying: Would you please give me a weapon, so I can go at the beginning of this book and erase from this earth Boyd, her worthless father, Duncan and Cooper!!!


Maybe then I would have read this book without the pressing need to slam my e-book down so often!

Don't get me wrong, I liked this book very, very much, but most of the time I wanted to smash something!


Dee is a sweet girl. She's beautiful, but so very much doormat shy. Mostly I couldn't find the reason why Dallas fell in love with her.
Why Dee has to be so, so... oh, I miss my words!!!... submissive to her family? why couldn't she react at least a little bit?
I liked her better at the end of the book when she confronted her family. I wanted to yell: That's the way, girl!!! Go, go, go!!!

Dallas was also not without fault. He's so rigid that I could almost hear his bones snapping here and there. He's also so sweet and I couldn't understand how Dee missed that he was soo in love with her!
I cryed when he washed his still-born son and buries him in a little grave beneth the windmill.

There were some TSTL moments, but, as I said, I was so upset that I didn't mind them too much.

The book is so good because it caused a very strong emotions, but at the same time was also very sweet and romantic: an excellent mix!

Now, let go and read Austin's story poor boy!