Burning Up (Hqn) - Susan Andersen This is a feel good book.

I liked Macy a lot. She was no-nonsense girl who didn't cry, who worked hard, who had few, but very good, friends. The only thing is that she's on the defensive from her whole home town. And what she does? Since they consider her a w*hore and a no-good, she gives them exactly that! With outrageous outfits, her colourful wigs, her sassy mouth. But with her family she's the opposite: loving, sweet talking, helping, self-sacrifying, girl-next-door nice!

Obviously, Gabe doesn't get what's happening. Why a no-good, I-gave-it-to-every-boy, sinfully sexy dressed girl is giving him the sensations he's starting to feel? Slowly, he gets it! And also slowly, gradually falls for her!

It was really nice to read. There was funny moments, sad moments, angry moments. There was scortching heat. There was love. There was romance. And there was deeply satisfying conclusion!

P.S. There was a really nice side-romance with Grace, Gabe's ex girl-friend, and Jack, Macy's best friend! I would like to read their story! :D