Texas Destiny - Lorraine Heath I wish to thank my friend Jill for recommanding me this book! *kisses*

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!
A real romantic, heartbraking love story!

The hero, Houston, is scarred all the way down to his soul... poor guy... At the beginning he's so closed that was painful to read about it. He resented his brother Dallas for sending him to retrieve his bride. He din't want to have to do it, but did it all the same.

His scarred face should have frightened Amelia, but instead she's intrigued. Amelia is Houston's opposite! She's scarred inside too, but she learned to fight her fear with funny little expedient: she lookes for any reason to be grateful in any situation, even the hopeless ones.

Where Houston is silent, she's outspoken; where he's trying to hide, she presses him to open up; where he wants to do the wrong thing to protect her from himself, she's trying to get him to do it with everything in her.

I loved Amelia's persistence. Once she realizes she's in love with Houston, she doesn't hesitate to tell him. It's him that's so concerned about having nothing to offer her, that he stubbornly pushed her away. Pushes her away so much that she end marrying Dallas! At this point I wanted to slap him!!

It takes an almost death situation to make him realize that he has to acknowledge that he needs and loves her!

His wedding vow was simply beautiful!

“I’m not a brave man; I’ll never be a hero, but I love you more than life itself, and I will until the day I die. With you by my side, I’m a better man than I’ve ever been alone. I’m scared to death that I’ll let you down, but I won’t run this time. I’ll stand firm and face the challenge and work hard to see that you never have any regrets. You told me once that you wanted to share a corner of my dream. Without you, Amelia, I have no dream. With you, I have everything I could ever dream of wanting.”
Tears burned her eyes as he glanced back at the preacher. “I’m done.”

There's heat in the story, even if there's no sex until the very end, but still you feel the need, the ache. It is very well done!
I would say that even if Houston has his desires, it was Alemia who voiced hers! I loved that she wasn't shy in her wanting Houston! :D

As I said: a beautiful love story! :D