Seduction of a Highland Lass - Maya Banks I must say that I don't get the titles of these books... The titles seem cheesy; this one particularly. One could think that there was very much seduction involved, but instead I felt much more love, angst and romance!

Alaric... *sigh*... soo seemingly stern and cold, but inside... ahhhh!!!


That man has a way with aord that made me melt! His love words were so delicious and romantic that I was sighing constantly! He was hot and possessive too! I loved him!!!

Keeley was a dear too! She's sweet, but also sharp-tongued when necessary. Her dedication to her healing art, to her new clan and to Alaric was incredible. She was ready to sacrifice everything in order to uphold her loyalty to persons who have accepted her and showed her their respect and her value. Said this way it seems too self-righteous, but in the book it was so very well done!!! :D

Their love was so beautiful, their willingness to do the right thing for everybody, their love for their relatives, friends and clan was shining through all the book.


Everything seemed to be against them. They were tangled into a web of garbled duties. They didn't see any way out. They suffered and they made me cry...

But, obviously, there was a happy ending and I cheered for them at the end! :D