In Bed with a Highlander - Maya Banks Ms. Banks has a way with words! :d

The story flew smoothly and was interesting, even if there's nothing new in it. The heroine is contended for her dowry and escapes a truly psycopathic villain. The hero reluctantly helps her and marry her both for her dowry and in order to help her evade the villain.

There's a lot of similarities with both Ms. Sands's and Ms. Garwood's books, but even with that said, the story is good and the reading is pleasant and exciting.

Ewan is incredibly good! In everything!!! *wink* He's almost too good to be true! His love for Mairin is palpable and I've find myself envying her. He doesn't deny his love for Mairin and from the very start acknowledges it without problem. He's abviously possessive (he's a highlander, no?), he's HOT, he's big (everywhere... *wink*), he's strong. But he's also sweet and very much in love! Ahhhhh...

Mairing is a strong heroine, even if she's not! Hihihi
What I mean is that she wants to be strong and does everything in her power to be it, but not always manages it! And that's her strenght: her will! She's also fun: she blurts almost everything that comes on her mind without conscious thought and that made me laugh!
She's also very innocent (she was raised in a convent) and her ideas of marriage have been teached to her by the mather superior: here some realy funny dialogues come forth! :D
She doesn't understand what's she's feeling, but is not afraid and she's not in denial: when she realises that she loves Ewan, it is without boundaries!

I'm looking forward to reading about Alaric's story! :D