Immortal Trust - Claire Ashgrove This third installment has the same flaw of the previous ones: a tightly close-mouth heroine. It's becoming rather annoying!

OK, if you met a 900 years old highlander what would you do?

OK, he's HOT, but...

But, even Chloe has her own secrets that are as strange as those Lucan have. So she doesn't tell her secrets even when Lucand does tell his. I'm asking myself: WHY???
All the things happening around them and she doesn't tell???!!! WTF!!!!
And her secrets are nothing really, really strage she can feel the demons... mah...

Lucan is delicious: he's kind, he's fun, he's (have I said it?) HOT.
Chloe not so much.

I consider not finishing this one at the beginning, but it got better after a bit. The story is interesting and the writing is fine, but, please, Ms. Ashgrove do write a little bit more trusting herione! :D