Defiant - Pamela Clare WONDERFUL!!!!

There's no other word!

Connor, oh Connor, you woderful, sexy man!!! So strong, so straitforward, so SEXY!!! I loved him! He was prepared to hate Sarah, but when he saw her he couldn't do anything else but help her, admire her and fall hard for her! Ahhhh... sooooo fantastic!!!

And Sarah, sweet Sarah! So strong and so weak at the same time! I loved the strenght she has at the beginning, overcoming a really terrible situation, but I despised her after when she didn't have the strenght to fight her family for Connor. In that instance she almost was like a completly different person. But I forgave her, because she loved Connor and at the end stayed with him!

Strangely I liked William too. I pitied him too. In every book he was almost always despicable, but I could see through his callous behavior a better man. A man who, given different upbringing and life, could be a loving person. He was always shrewd, but his mind was fascinating, his reasoning, tough wrong, from his point of view without fault. A villain who was not a willain at all. In this book he payed for every bad thing done in the preivous books, and payed dearly... I cryed for him... :(

Cooke also was a lovely surprise here. In this book he's not a yeang boy any more, but a strong man in his prime. He faced difficult choices and choose wisely. He even confronted William on sarah account! He grow up so much from the arrogant lieutenant! I was proud of him! :D

I loved all the other Rangers too: Dougie, Killy, McHugh... Killy has always been my favorite! :D

I hope Joseph gets his own book! I would dearly love to read about him. He's one sexy and sensual Indian! *wink*