Untamed - Pamela Clare Second book in the MacKinnon's Rangers series!

What to say? Just: WOW!!!

What is worst than to fall in love with your enemy? That's exactly what happens to Morgan and Amalie.

Morgan finds himself in dire straits: he's injured and captive to French who are ready to exctract whatever information he has about the British trough torture and then cosign him to their Abenaki allies to further torture him burning him slowly until he dies! OMG!!!

Amalie is a sweet mix between French and Abenaki. She's the fort's commander ward after the British killed her father. She's charged by him to care for Morgan while he recovers enough to be interogated. At the beginning she hates him and with good reason: he was perheps the same man who killed her father! But slowly she opens her eyes: nobody is completely innocent, nor completely guilty. She starts to see not only a hated enemy, but a honorable and gentle man too and inesorably starts falling in love.

Morgan, on the other hand is in almost the same predicament: he has growing feelings for the sweet lass, but she's an enemy! But she's helping and tending him! She's sweetly innocent. And on top of all that she's beautiful!

Amalie is horrified when thinking about what will happen to Morgan in Abenaki's hands and she manages to convince the commander that Morgan, being Scotsman and Catholic, will be moved to side with French.

Now Morgan is in another predicament: in order to stay alive (hoping to be albe to escape) he must betray the British (not such a big problem) and the Rangers (very BIG problem as they are his brothers!).

The resolution of these problems is masterfully done! I loved every moment, every description, every tender gesture!!!

When Morgan couldn't stand anymore to behave and snaps... ahhhh... the love scenes are so perfect!!!

Both Morgan (mmmm... where can they hide men like that?) and Amalie are fantastic both separately and together! They're just perfect together!

Wonderfully done Ms. Clare!!! :D